Passing Time

"As I sit and wait and fear
and watch the hours go - 
Everything that happened here,
happened long ago."
Lang Leav

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  1. ... boa tarde,

    “I still search
    for you in crowds,
    in empty fields
    and soaring clouds.
    In city lights
    and passing cars,
    on winding roads
    and wishing stars.

    I wonder where
    you could be now,
    for years I’ve not said
    your name out loud.

    And longer since
    I called you mine—
    time has passed
    for you and I.

    But I have learnt
    to live without,
    I do not mind—
    I still love you anyhow.”

    Luz da escrita - Photo

  2. como com tão pouco se faz uma foto tão bela...

  3. o texto que escreveste forma um coração, reparaste? =)

  4. Olá João! Fico feliz por ter gostado :D

    Briseis, não tinha reparado mas adorei :D :D Obrigada pela visita!


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